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Friday, September 6th


    ANFISA LETYAGO - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Anfisa Letyago has managed to transform her underground roots into a unique and multi-purpose sound. A personal vision combined with extreme sensitivity allows Anfisa to perform in the most iconic clubs of the underground scene and in the most important electronic festivals in the world, establishing herself as one of the most recognized artists in the world.

    BOYS NOIZE - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Propelled by an infatuation with sonic invention, BOYS NOIZE (Alex Ridha) has developed a peerless sound that transcends all categories. Embraced by the underground and adored on the main stage, the nonconformist German-Iraqi artist, DJ, producer and subcultural oracle has forged a distinctive path through the world of electronic music.

    LB AKA LABAT - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    LB aka LABAT is a record collector , he uses them to craft music of his own with his MPC’s and other vintage gears. He signed with Mall Grab’s very well respected label «Steel city dance discs» in 2020. Starting in 2021 LB aka LABAT tours around Europe with his very new analog Live show, 3 mpc’s and 303 acid bass lines.

    MARLON HOFFSTADT - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Some say it’s trance, some say it’s hard house. And again others say it’s just dad noises. Whatever you call it, you heard Marlon Hoffstadt aka Daddy Trance bombs in every other DJ set in 2023, whilst instant anthems such as 'Call Me' and 'It's That Time' have racked up tens of millions of streams online.

    NINA KRAVIZ - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    The internationally renowned Siberian electronic music artist Nina Kraviz is the most successful woman in her field: headliner of the world's largest music festivals, acclaimed producer, singer, songwriter and the founder of two record labels трип and Galaxiid. She is famous for an eponymous artist album and two critically acclaimed DJ mixes for fabric and DJ Kicks.
  • OGUZ

    OGUZ - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Born and raised in the Netherlands with his roots firmly planted in Turkey, OGUZ has been forging a path in the electronic music scene for almost a decade. Still only in his early 20’s, OGUZ has amassed a dedicated community that fuels his creative journey. Hailing from just outside of Amsterdam, OGUZ has become a driving force in the international Techno scene.

    PARTIBOI69 - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    CEO of Mutual Pleasure record and Stingboi Productions, Partiboi69 fuses cutting edge, computer animated graphics with the sounds of Electro Dank, Ghetto Freak and K-Tech, to create a portal into his complex mind, a place where comfort and style are paramount.

    PATRICK MASON - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Patrick Mason's fierce approach to his life, music and art has helped burn his name into the hearts of all who have caught Berlin’s ‘Techno Extravaganza’ in action.His unrelenting energy, lethal selections and spectacular poses slay crowds and re-purpose the role of DJ — reminding everyone that clubs are for dancing.

    BAE BLADE - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Bae Blade is a DJ and producer from Germany. Her unique blend of uplifting tracks across various genres like Electro, Breaks, Techno, Club, and House with a modern, edgy twist that incorporates rap influences has earned her a dedicated following in the underground music scene.

    BRUIT ROSE MUSIC - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Created in 2017, Bruit Rose Music is a collective of music and audiovisual enthusiasts based in Bordeaux. From house to minimal, and even 90s electro, Tssibo & Matertow will be at Initial Festival to represent the collective.

    DISTILL - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    The audience being a central element of the approach of the Distill collective, formed by Prince CH and Pablo, they interact intensely with it through their preferred styles - Minimal, Techno, and New Beat - with organic sounds. Their electric selection and their melancholic universe make their performances powerful moments.

    HILL BILLY - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    HILL BILLY is an electronic music collective created in February 2018 by five friends from the South-West of France: Labouts, Alexiu, Melky, Françoise, and Lawtus. Based between Bordeaux and Paris, their goal is to promote their vision of celebration and to bring people together around a common passion: music.

    L’ORANGEADE - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Ambassadors of love, the DJs of L'Orangeade distill their house gems in all their forms (deep, tech, afro…) abolishing the boundaries of the genre. Together, they create a clever blend of electronic and organic sounds with only one goal in mind: to put the audience into a trance!
  • OLYMPE4000

    OLYMPE4000 - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    A solid rising star of the French scene, Olympe4000 is unstoppable. It's the quality adrenaline, the exploration of the rave spectrum that breaks norms and merges styles, from the old and the new into a personal and communicative hybrid atmosphere between techno, electro, trance, and bass music.

    SICARIA - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Characterized by her boisterous personality and fueled by her passion for the genre, Sicaria continues to be strongly praised within the dance-music community for supporting everything which is exciting and forward-thinking in dubstep, cementing her status as a heavyweight advocate for lively 140 bpm sounds.
  • VEL

    VEL - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    VEL, alias Jennifer Parentié is a moroccan artist, France-based, DJ, Producer of electronic music and engineer. Celar-paced yet textured techno, powerful yet graceful, Vel’s sound radiates through throbbing drums she summons from her memories, celestial whispers and fragile voices.

Saturday, September 7th


    ARTBAT - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Artur and Batish, the talented duo from Kyiv, have become an unparalleled force in electronic music, earning accolades as Mixmag Stars of the Year and Beatport's top-selling artists. Their chart-topping hits like 'Age of Love' and collaborations with artists such as David Guetta and Idris Elba have solidified their position as industry powerhouses.

    IRÈNE DRÉSEL - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Breaking free from norms with refinement: Irène Drésel's techno is experienced between aesthetics and transgression. Powerful, magnetic, as much spatial as organic, the prism of her music brings forth from the shadows a light from which a contrasting imagery springs.

    LESSSS - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    LESSSS is a DJ and producer who worked her way up through the French and European techno scene. Her extensive knowledge as a sound engineer graduate and her eclectic range of music creates a set of high energy. With appearances in clubs Exil in Zurich, Soenda Festival in Utrecht and Insane Festival LESSSS has proven herself to the scene leaving her imprint in renowned and events clubs across Europe.

    MALL GRAB - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    New on the scene, Mall Grab is breaking all boundaries with his rapid rise to recognition on the global stage. His sound has been described as slightly celestial introspections paying homage to old Three 6 Mafia mixtapes as much as to the more recent astral experiences of house and techno. With support from artists like George Fitzgerald and Four Tet, it seems the best is yet to come.

    MIND AGAINST - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Expressing a musical venture which draws from the combined roots of IDM, house and techno, Mind Against are the Italian-born, Berlin-based duo of Alessandro and Federico Fognini. They draw from the psychedelic hooks of 1980s soundtracks and from modern dance music’s emphasis on sound design to create a distinctive and immensely powerful sound.

    PAULA TEMPLE - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    For over 15 years, Paula Temple has been dedicated to carving out her own musical path. Describing herself as a "noisician," she has specialized in noisy and phantasmagorical techno sounds from her residency in Amsterdam, playing at a volume pushed to 200%, causing a sense of deafness with every silence.

    REBEKAH - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Raised on Birmingham’s infamous 90s club scene, Rebekah immediately resonated with the harder, faster sound. She is one of the most respected figures in the world of hard-edged techno. Her multi-disciplined approach to music (DJ, producer, label owner, event organiser) means she has a well-rounded, holistic understanding of the music itself and the culture attached to it.

    RECONDITE - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    For the last decade, Recondite has honed a signature sound that is a pure and unapologetic expression of self. His undulating sounds, idiosyncratic use of acid and always soothing atmospheres offer a place to get lost, reflect and revive yourself.

    SLIM SOLEDAD - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    The urge to move is at the core of Slim Soledad's identity. Her style as a DJ can be described as: fast-paced, intense mix of heavy techno, hard-edged baile funk, electro and Latino core. Growing up in Brazil, she was surrounded by music and dance from a young age.

    AMOUR SOCIAL CLUB - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Boon & Lascard have one motto when they put on the Amour Social Club jersey and find themselves together behind the turntables: play nice. Between breakbeat dribbles, deep house balls, minimal decisive passes, and heavy electro hits, the three players love it when it gets sweaty on the dancefloor.

    BELARIA - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Member of the Friendsome collective, resident at Badaboum (Paris) and on Rinse France, Belaria has risen in recent years among the most promising and intriguing artists of the new generation! Between EBM, Synth Wave, Italo Body Music, New Wave, and Techno, her universe is imbued with the sounds of the post-punk movement of the 80s/90s, both raw and ethereal.

    FAIS LE BEAU - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Born in Luxembourg, Diego Cozzi, aka Fais Le Beau, is a Brussels-based DJ who’s cruised around Europe playing at queer parties for the past decade. Diego is the founder of Brussels-established party Gay Haze, gathering hundreds of people every month in various locations. His music is influenced by 90’s house, trance and early 2000 proggy sound.

    LES VIATIQUES - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Formed by Wallace and Oli, the collective Les Viatiques is based in Bordeaux. From ambient to House, passing through downtempo and breakbeats, veering through trip hop and trance, the duo holds nothing back. Their aim: to gather and transport through music.

    MARÉE BASSE - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Having emerged in the marshes of Oléron, the Marée Basse association has now clearly made its mark on the electronic scene in Bordeaux. Its two creators, Félix and Hugo, later joined by Matthieu, took on the challenge of organizing cultural and musical events with what they had, driven by values of freedom, respect, and tolerance.

    MATES - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    El Chapo is one of the founding members of the Bordeaux collectives Mates and the Bordeaux Electronic Week festival, recognized by his famous hat that frequents various Bordeaux events. His style, strikingly diverse, ranges from energetic minimal to electro and even includes some progressive sounds, rarely failing to captivate his audience.

    PEPIITA - Initial Festival 2024 line-up
    Resident of Barbi(e)turix and Rosa Bonheur, also co-founder of the Queer Ranch Festival in Lesbos, she preaches freedom and inclusiveness on the dancefloor. She has this unstoppable sense of fun which hits her dark disco sets flirting with acid house and rave taking you through miles of dance floor and she has the happiest smile behind the decks.
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