End of summer 2024 | Parc des Expositions

The festival will be back in 2024 with the same cashless system!



During the festival, food and drink can only be purchased with initokens (the festival's unique currency). 1 initoken = 1€

By purchasing IniTokens in advance, you can take advantage of discounted prices that are exclusively available before the festival begins. Additionally, you will receive your wristband pre-loaded with IniTokens, allowing you to skip the queues at the cashless point.



Where can I buy IniTokens?
  • You can purchase Initokens in advance of the festival directly on our Fever website. By buying them online before the festival, you will receive additional free Initokens!

  • During the festival, you can buy them at the cashless areas or using your phone by scanning the QR codes displayed on-site.

How to charge your initokens on your wristband?

- Option 1: Purchase IniTokens in advance online through Fever (highly recommended).

  • Upon arrival at the festival, show your IniToken purchase QR code at the entrance and we will give you a wristband pre-loaded with your tokens, ready to be used at the bars and food stands. Whenever you run out of IniTokens, you can top up your wristband at any time at the cashless areas within the festival or using your phone!

- Option 2: Purchase IniTokens directly on-site.

  • You will receive your entry wristband upon arrival at the festival. You can then load your wristband with IniTokens at the cashless areas or using your phone.
How does payment with IniTokens work?
At all festival stands (food trucks, bars, etc.), you can only pay with your wristband. Present it to the staff, and within seconds, your order will be settled. You can check your remaining credit at any time with the bar staff.
After the festival, how can I get a refund for unused credit?
We will reimburse you for the initokens left on your wristband after the festival (only the tokens paid, not the free ones offered during online discounts). To do this, you will have to fill in the refund form that we will send you in the days following the festival. You will have 10 days to fill it in, and then you'll receive your refund up to 14 days after completing the form.


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